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We Build Our Ecommerce Websites in Richmond VA


We understand how important security is in an ecommerce website. Credit card processing has got to be secure. Within the hundreds of thousands of lines of computer code it takes to build an ecommerce website, it's easy to hide bits of code that skims the credit card information from a transaction. Because of this, we build each ecommerce website in-house in Richmond. We don't trust offshore companies to build these websites for us and neither should you. Before you get a ecommerce web agency to build your website, ask where and who builds them.

Ecommerce Website Security

Security is paramount in any website but, in an ecommerce website, it's the law. PCI regulations govern how your credit card information is handled during a transaction. Failure to adhere to these strict PCI regulations can result in severe penalties if your customers' credit card information is compromised. We jump through all the hoops to make sure you all PCI regulations are followed.

For your and your customers' security, we only do DPM payment processing. This type of payment process prohibits us from storing any credit card information on our servers. All information is sent directly to the payment processors (like, PayPal, FirstData, etc). The payment processors then handle and store the credit card information.

Ecommerce Platforms

Garza Web Design has built ecommerce websites in WordPress' WooCommerce, Drupal's Commerce, and Shopify platforms. Each ecommerce platform has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. We work with you to assess your requirements and then recommend a platform base on your requirements - not our expertise. We will NOT force you into a particular ecommerce platform because "that's all we know."

If your requirements are outside our expertise, we will refer you to another set of web design agencies who can help you. We'll even go to the initial meeting at no cost to make sure you get the service you need. This is something we've done more than once!