Business cards in Richmond VA

The best business cards look simple. Business cards are deceptively difficult to design. A good design incorporates the critical contact information in a format that makes it easy to read. Many businesses are tempted to make critical mistakes like a reduction in font size. The final business card design is always a collaboration between Garza Web Design and the client.

We work with each client to help them understand what makes a successful business card design and the traps so many businesses fall in when designing them. We create the design complete with the outer margin print shops require. We also create Adobe graphics files which are compatible with all print shops.

Business Card Printing

After you have signed off on the design, you tell us how many you need and how quickly you need them. We then choose one of our print shop partners in Richmond to do the printing for you. We can pick up the cards from the shop and drive them over to you or we can have the print shop deliver them directly to you.