For Web Development Done in Richmond, Virginia

Web development code on Richmond PC

All of our web development is done in Richmond, VA, USA. Garza Web Design will not have your website built by an offshore company. While we fully understand the offshore web development model is a more profitable model, it does not conform to our company culture. This assures us every single website we build has clean code, loads fast, is glitch free, is SEO friendly, and delivered on time and on budget. If we were to let other companies do this work for us, there is no way we could make these commitments to you.

We Work With Various Website Platforms

We are proficient in several website platforms to make sure we can offer the best solution to your set of website requirements. We build websites with Drupal, WordPress, Craft CMS, Shopify, as well as static HTML5/CSS3.

All Our Websites Are Built From Scratch

Garza Web Design does not use pre-built templates. We did at one time in order to pump out the websites more quickly. However, we found them to be very slow, glitchy, and not SEO friendly at all. We now build all our websites from the ground up to assure ourselves every single website that goes out the door meets our standards of high quality. Again, this business model is not as profitable but it makes us and our clients much happier!

How Much Does a Website Cost?

The Cost of a Website Depends on You

We get this question all the time. Our answer is, "Building a website is a lot like building a house. The cost depends on your budget." The cost depends on what the size of the website, the website functionality, and how well you want your website to rank on a Google search.

A Website Is a Key Investment

For many small businesses, a website is the biggest marketing investment. When it comes to website development, businesses take such foolish risks. They try to build websites on a shoestring budget which, invariably, results in disappointment and lost potential. The result often is a poorly designed, glitchy website that fails to work hard for the business. We use to build low budget websites that did exactly that. After a few years, we decided to start developing websites that we knew would service our clients well. This took more time to build each website which, in turn, increased the price. This resulted in fewer clients overall but much happier clients.

We've Been Developing Websites Since 2009

We've learned a lot about building good websites on time and on budget. We've learned more through our mistakes than our successes. We now know what it takes to get you more phone calls and customers. We are careful about knowing who we can help and who would be better off with another web development agency. Our primary mission is to help you get more business. If we can't do that in-house, we will refer you to one of our competitors. We'll then sit in on the meeting with you to make sure we are confident they can give you the website you deserve.