The Virginia College Fund | Web Design and Development

The Virginia College Fund's mission is “providing our member institutions the resources that will ensure their students an affordable, value-based education that prepares them for success in a global economy.” To that end, 100% of the funds raised go to the schools for student aid and general support.  

Client's Need

The Virginia College Fund's website was OK but started to feel its age. As you can see in the image below, it was difficult to navigate and was overly wordy. The VCF wanted an updated website that reflected the quality of the organization the website represents.

Our Solution

We were able to deliver a website that told the story in imagery as much as via the verbiage. A slideshow was used to showcase each of the four universities equally. We also used animation in UI (user interface) to encourage further website exploration. As with all websites that are image intensive, we had to balance image file size with image quality and crispness. 

Another hero image from the VCF website


The Slideshow

We incorporated a slideshow for this website. It was important to the Virginia College Fund that all member schools be equally represented. Since, the VCF uses other means to market to their donors, SEO is not a consideration. We had the freedom to design the website without the boundary condition of needing an SEO-friendly website. This allows us to build in the slideshow - which increases page load time slightly.

The Member Schools

We built a "homepage" for each member school. Each homepage showcased the school using images provided by each institution. It was important to also represent each school with their logos. We incorporated both their scholastic logos and athletic logos. The effect helped to create variety for the various gateways to each school's homepage.