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Richmond Office Interiors has a great selection of used and new office furniture right here in Richmond. They also carry and install used cubicles and workstations. ROI can refurbish to your exact specifications. Their specialty is taking your office space and designing a new space for maximum productivity, efficiency and results.

Client's Need

Richmond Office Interiors had no website when they were referred to me. Kenny Whitlow, the owner, wanted a website to help kickstart his new business. Kenny had been in the furniture business for over 20 years prior and knew the importance of a website.

Our Solution

We developed a Drupal 6 website for them back in 2010. After months of SEO work, we were able to get them to rank fairly well but not great. In 2017, we built a brand new, redesigned website on Drupal 8 technology. Our main concern was keeping their SEO search results.

Why Did We Build a New Website?

In 2017, we came to Richmond Office Interiors to propose a new website for them. The existing website we built in 2010 for them was still OK but it was dated. More importantly, the website was built on non-responsive technology. Google had warned us SEO folks that responsive website were going to rank better than non-responsive. This gave us the sense of urgency to kick off a redesign and redevelopment of the site. 

The new website, built in 2017, needed to incorporate the latest technology while taking advantage of the advances in web design. At the same time, we needed to make sure their excellent search engine ranking positions would not drop. At the we kicked off the project, ROI was already ranking #1 in important keyword phrases such as "office furniture richmond va" and "used office furniture richmond va." Our development strategy was built around not hurting the the search rankings while, at the same time, creating a modern, engaging website. Our other goal was to increase phone calls.

ROI Showroom in Richmond


What Happened After the New Website Came Up?

It Was Nail-biting Time!

After the website came up, we monitored the search engine rankings every single day! We were concerned the redesign might hurt them - destroying any credibility we have built up over the years with ROI. During the development, we made sure everything we did - every image, title, menu-item, EVERYTHING - was built with SEO in mind.

So What Happened?

We continued to tweak the website for SEO improvements. We wound up getting them up to #1 AND #2 in the organic Google SEO listings for "office furniture richmond va" and "used office furniture richmond va."  ROI now ranks #1, #2, AND #3 in Google's organic search for "new office furniture."

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