Alliance Machine and Engraving | Web Design and Development

Alliance Machine and Engraving are experts in the engraving and embossing industry. This is true with companies both within and outside the United States. Alliance treats their customers as valued partners with whom success is achieved mutually through collaboration and adherence to high standards. Their manufacturing processes use leading edge tech. Each step of the process is performed by a highly trained staff of engineers and techs.

Client's Need

Alliance had a website that was dated. After moving to their world-class manufacturing facility, they wanted a website to match. The old website dated and not mobile friendly. It certainly did not reflect the quality of the company itself.

Our Solution

We created a website designed with the latest design trends and built with cutting edge development technology. Our goal was to showcase their products and services in a way that reflected Alliance's personality - simple, precise.

Here's What the Website Looked Like

As you can see, the old website was pretty dated. It lacked responsive design technology. It utilized outdated widgets which are no longer compatible with modern web browsers. Also, the old site showcased products and services which were no longer applicable. Finally, because it was built with a "build-it-yourself" website builder, it lacked the architecture to enable the site to be competitive in the SEO arena.

Alliance's old website


What Did We Do?

Alliance in their booth at a trade showWe spent a large amount of time with Alliance to learn what they did and what products they built. We also learned their target markets - which industries and nations used their products and services. Alliance taught us how they built their products and the quality assurance practices used to ensure high quality. We then started to build website mockups. After a few back-and-forth collaborative meetings, Alliance and we agreed on a final website design.

We spent more time with Alliance to get their content. We collected verbiage and images in order to create a compelling website. A lot of time was spent determining which images would best depict the services and products Alliance offers. In the end, it was worth it.