Sugar and Salt Frontpage Mockup #1

Sugar and Salt Frontpage Mockup #1

Sugar and Salt project

NOTE!!! We decided we didn't like this design after building the whole website. With the permission of the Sugar and Salt folks, we scrapped the project and started over. New design to appear soon.

This is a frontpage mockup for Sara for Sugar and Salt. We are working with Sara to make a website for her.

Please note the attached image does not show the animations. These include:

  • 1. The hero image (the big image at the top) scrolls down at a different speed to imply a 3D effect.
  • 2. The Latest Work images rotate zoom and rate when you hover over them. A click will take you to the page showcasing that particular creation.
  • 3. The main menu below the hero image "sticks" to the top of the screen as you scroll down the website.
  • 4. The testimonial quotes rotate every few seconds.
  • 5. The menu on the phone slides out from the side when the mobile-menu icon is pressed.


  • 1. Lots of text content is helpful for better Google rankings.
  • 2. The hero image (huge photo at the top) can showcase prime creations.
  • 3. The Latest Work section can be used to entice customers to further explore the website.
  • 4. The website tries to blend into the background and showcase the creations.


  • 1. No slideshow. The slideshow is going out of style but still used quite a bit.
  • 2. The grays may not be bright enough for you. This can be changed.