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Tutorial: How to a do a Core Update to a Drupal 8 Website

We have not built a Drupal 7 website in over a year. Many of our clients pay us to perform security updates. However, we have some who want to learn how to perform security updates on their own websites - a practice we highly encourage! The process for updating Drupal 8 websites is somewhat different than updating Drupal 7 websites.

Welcome Felicia Gilley!

Garza Web Design welcomes Felicia Gilley to our team! Felicia is a web designer trained at ECPI. She also does front-end web development. Felicia is originally from Massachusetts and moved here to the Richmond, Virginia area as a kid. Her skills have enabled Garza Web Design to drastically improve the quality of work.

Website Financing Is Now Available

In the past five years of being in business, we have met many struggling businesses or businesses that are doing OK but would like to take it to the next level.  We look at their websites and see out of date websites or websites that simply do not work.

Sugar and Salt Frontpage Mockup #1

NOTE!!! We decided we didn't like this design after building the whole website. With the permission of the Sugar and Salt folks, we scrapped the project and started over. New design to appear soon.

This is a frontpage mockup for Sara for Sugar and Salt. We are working with Sara to make a website for her.

Our First Wordpress Site

This is our first Wordpress website. We built this for Tyler Scott, a Richmond-based writer. We were surprised by how easy it is to build a Wordpress website. However, I can see how hard it might be to build custom web applications and interface them with the website.